Christmas Gift Guide Edition 3: Jewellery

Simple and Stunning Jewellery

Here’s the third edition of our Christmas Gift Guide, designed to help you along with all your present buying needs. This edition showcases some of our beautiful and unusual jewellery, available from as little as £12.


Noa Jewellery
From £12

Noa combine ceramics and metals to make their stylish and versatile pieces. Our collection are made from indicate miniature tiles set into Aluminium with sterling silver fastenings, and are popular with all ages.


Vin Bootle
From £27

Vin works with silver and gold, and takes inspiration from celtic design to create his eye-catching jewellery. We have a large selection of rings, bangles and earrings in stock, and special commissions can be created.


Barbara Cassell Recycled Jewellery
From £24

This bold and very individual jewellery is made from recycled metals, leather and rubber. It’s bold, warm and eye catching, and we love it!


Clare Collinson Jewellery
£22 – £60

Clare takes inspiration from stories when creating her delicate silver and resin jewellery. Each piece contains a tiny line of text, like this “Can I tell you a story” necklace.


Helen Shere
From £30

This sweet tree brooch is made from sterling silver, and is part of collection of garden-inspired jewellery by Helen Shere. Also available ares matching fir tree studs, and pretty pendants.


Becky Crow
£26 upwards

Becky is a reowned contemporary jeweller, specialising in quirky animal-inspired pieces made from silver and oxidised copper (like these fox earrings). We have a small but lovely collection of Becky’s jewellery in stock.

Don’t forget until 31st December we also have the wonderful “Aged To Perfection” exhibition here.


Christmas Gift Guide Edition 2: Textiles

Pins and Needles!

This is our second gift guide in the run up to Christmas, helping you with unusual presses for everyone. This edition is all about our textiles collection, with gifts as £10.


Hats by Carole Minett
From £24

Our hat collection is ever changing and always popular, and every one is made by Carole Minett, a local maker based near Harrogate. Our current selection are warm and festive and waiting for owners.


Pebbles by Lindsay Tyson
£10 – £36

Each of Lindsay’s pebbles is hand made with felt and scraps of material, so every one is unique. They are beautiful on there own but even better in a little group!


Woollen Purses by Janie Textiles

Available in a range of colours and all adorned with either pretty stitching or bold geometric patterns, these purses are fast becoming some of our most popular textiles.


Scarves by Valerie Broomhead
£17 – £28

These pretty silk scarves are hand painted and inspired by plants and flowers. A beautiful and unique gift.


Brooches by Angela Knipe
From £12

This fantastic range of quirky brooches, hand made using wool and felt, never ceases to surprise and amaze. You’ve probably never given someone a knitted prawn before – well here’s your chance!


Felt birds by Feltmeup Designs
From £12.50

Melanie Green of Feltmeup Designs creates these characterful little birds by hand. We have a range of Owls and lots of festive Robins in stock just waiting to fly away.

Don’t forget our exhibition Aged to Perfection is on display until December 31st.


Christmas Gift Guide – Edition One

Welcome to our Christmas Gift Guide 2013.

This year, to make your festive shopping a little easier, we’ve taken a good long look at all the lovely things we have here at the gallery and selected 6 of the best of our textiles, jewellery, ceramics and paper collections. Each guide offers 6 unique makers, a variety of ideas and style, and most importantly, a range of prices. Each week we’ll be homing in on one of our most popular departments to bring you a cream-of-the-crop selection. All you need to do is decide who to buy them for!

Inked and Folded: 6 of the best from our Paper selection

Our paper collection comes in many forms – from beautifully hand printed pictures, to hand bound books and contemporary paper cutting. What they all have in common is unique, quirky style and an affordable price tag. From just £4.20 there is definitely something for everyone here….


Notebooks by Kate Bowles
£5 – £25

Kate collects vintage and recycled papers together with unusual fabrics and hand binds them into these beautiful and unusual notebooks. Even the spines are stunning!


Contemporary Papercutting by Rosie Scott-Massie £125 – £475

Rosie’s work is highly unusual, combining expressive use of paint with precise paper cutting techniques. Each piece is made from an old OS map which features the subject of the picture. Inspired by unusual buildings around Yorkshire, our current collection includes subjects from nearby Hackfall and Studley Royal.


Gift Tags by Letterpress £4.20
A lovely little gift or a very cool wrapping solution – these hand printed tags contain a selection of different vintage-feel designs printed on recycled card. Christmas designs are also available.


Map Notebooks by Elizabeth Shorrock £15
For a really personal gift we have these lovely handmade notebooks by paper artist Elizabeth Shorrock. Each one is covered with a real OS map of Yorkshire, so perfect for someone who lives on the map! Contact us if you would like to order a specific location.

Murmuration, ecthing by Janis Goodman

Etchings by Janis Goodman £60 – £130
Based in Leeds, Janis’ original prints are inspired by both urban and countryside everyday life, in particular plants and birds. The etchings are limited edition, and are all hand printed, meaning that there is sometimes a slight difference in the look of each one.


Lampshades by Lush Designs and Hannah Nunn £18 – £100

We couldn’t possibly choose which of our lovely lampshades we preferred so we decided to include them both in the gift guide! Lush designs create quirky, funny and gorgeous drawings which are then turned into eye catching lampshades. We have an ever changing selection of their shades in stock, so enquire with us for our current collection. Hannah Nunn is based in Hebden Bridge and combines paper cutting with lighting to make her stunning nature-inspired shades (pictured) and tea light holders. 

Paper, Scissors, Pebbles…


This month we have been getting lots of new exciting deliveries after our annual visit to the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. New ceramics, jewellery and textiles are all on offer, and in coming months much more will be arriving. Read on for details…

We are also coming to the end of our first exhibition this year, the wonderful ’35’ show of John Degnan’s paintings and prints. We’ve had a great response to the show, and the accompanying book, written by Ian Scott-Massie has proved very popular indeed. Now we are looking ahead to our next exhibition, opening mid May, – this one dedicated entirely to one material – paper. Paperworks explores the versatile and fascinating world of paper art – from collage to papercutting, to using paper in sculpture. It is a medium that’s been around for many years, but with designers such as Paul Smith and shops like Fortnum and Mason using papercutting as inspiration, the artform has become hugely popular in recent years. We wanted to celebrate the brilliance of this humble material by bringing together 8 of the best paper artists from across the country in what promises to be a most exciting exhibition. Have a first look at some of the artwork and get to know a little about the artists below.

We’re really pleased to have nationally recognised paper artists taking part in the show, including Helen Musselwhite, a Cheshire-based artist whose distinctive designs have been used in national and international advertising campaigns for Audi and Nokia to name a few.


If you’ve read a few children’s books in recent years then you may well have browsed Kate Slater’s beautiful illustrations, which adorn the pages of titles such as Magpie’s Treasure.

Shalott � Kate Slater

Closer to home, you may have spotted Clare Lindley’s romantic paper-cuts on display at The Station, and Sarah Morpeth’s breathtaking paper-cut window display in 2012 at The Georgian Theatre, both in Richmond.

still life lll

Browse March/April’s issue of Craft and Design Magazine and you will find the work of Jennifer Collier gracing the front cover!


Yasemin Wigglesworth has designed paper-cut inspired clothing for Painswick Couture, and Elizabeth Shorrock’s handmade paper map books can be spotted at book fairs across the country, including the Leeds International Artists Book Fair.

Lucky Birds

double concertina
Curator of Paperworks, Rosie Scott-Massie, has exhibited her paper-cut collages in galleries around the country, as well as in the North Yorkshire Open Studios 2012.


Although you may have spotted our Paperworks artists elsewhere, we can guarantee that seeing their work all together in an exhibition like this will be a first! We are delighted by the diversity of artwork in this exhibition and hope you will be too. See you in May!

New things…

You may have been wondering what the ‘pebble’ element of our blog’s title relates too. We’ve had  a lovely new selection of felt pebbles, handmade by Lindsay Tyson, delivered! Each one is unique and embellished with embroidery and print.


Craig Fellows

From a distance Craig Fellows’ purses and notebooks may simply look like prettily patterned fabric, but get closer and you’ll soon see wings, legs and antenna….Craig creates incredibly detailed ink drawings of bees, bugs, slugs and plants, and uses these illustrations to make his contemporary fabrics, which in turn is used to make scarves, cushions, purses and handkerchiefs. We have been lusting after some of these beautiful accessories for a while now, and are delighted to finally have them on our shelves.


Katherine Lees

Katherine uses porcelain to create her delicate range of jewellery and ceramics. We fell in love with her tiny bottles and key necklaces when we saw her work at the British Craft Trade Fair in April. Each piece is unique and intricately glazed and textured.


We also have a great new selection of felt pebbles from Lindsay Tyson, each one uniquely printed and embroidered. In the coming months we will be welcoming more new artists and suppliers, including Clare Collinson jewellery, Jessica Hogarth stationary and Hannah Nunn lampshades, so keep popping in to get a first look at what’s new.

Summer Time

Hi there

We’ve been a little distant from our blog for a while, partly due to our continuing work on the new website, partly due to the busy summer season here in the gallery, and the preparation and launch of our current exhibition. So if you thought we’d vanished, fear not. We are here, and we have lots to catch up on….

A week ago we opened our summer exhibition Edge of the World, which takes it’s theme from the 1937 Michael Powell film of same name. We invited seven contemporary landscape artists to explore isolated, overlooked and untouched locations that have meaning for them, and as a result have a breath taking journey through moors, coastlines, ruins and more in our exhibition room. We enjoyed a fantastically bustling preview evening and have already seen a few sales, so please drop by soon if you fancy a look. Edge of the world will be on display until August the 31st, and features work by Ian Scott Massie, Pamela Knight, Heather Gatt, Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller, Gareth Buxton, Lesley birch and Winifred Hodge.

Here’s a little taster of the exhibition to tempt you:






Another reason to visit our new exhibition is to test out our latest foray into the technological age! QR codes are the little square barcode-type things cropping up all over advertising, posters and even food packaging at the moment, and can be used by smartphone owners to access websites and pages relating to whatever they are looking at. We decided that this is just what the gallery needs, so that our customers can get a more in depth, interactive experience when they visit us. So currently dotted around our exhibition room are several QR codes just waiting to be accessed, containing exciting info on the artists and their making techniques, plus more on the inspiration behind the exhibition. Just scan your smartphone over the code (using a free QR code app) to access. Or ask a member of staff to help you. Here’s one for practice, enjoy…


Lastly, we have lots of new exciting things in The Gallery right now – some from familiar makers, some from new suppliers. We have some beautiful new driftwood and metal sculpture from Richard Shaw, whose work we have enjoyed displaying here for many years. Check out this lovely nautical piece


For the more modest budget we have some charming and affordable ceramics from a new supplier, Dove pottery, based in Saltaire. We foresee this stuff being collectable, so visit us soon to set the trend!


Pop in over the summer, or check our facebook page to see more.


The Joys of Spring

Hi there,

Spring is certainly in the air here in Masham; the weather is beautiful, the flowers are out, and The Gallery is  full to bursting with new things!

As well as freshly replenished supplies from some of our already loved makers such as Simon Griffiths (owls), Lush Designs (lampshades) and Katie Almond (ceramics), we have some new pottery all the way from the Isle of Wight, and a few new notebook ranges to add to our ever-growing selection. Read on for more.

Spring Ceramics…

Fancy a tea party in the garden? If the mood takes you we have a lovely range of new ceramics in stock, including new pieces from Katie Almond and Charlotte Morrison..

And introducing Tregear pottery from the Isle of Wight. These pretty pieces first caught our eye at the British Craft Trade Fair last year, and we love the seaside-inspired colours and beachy designs.

Get creative…

Are you a literary genius? Me neither – but I’m sure with the perfect notebook in which to jot down my thoughts, I could be! And thanks to our new collections of artist-designed sketchbooks from St.Judes and hand-embroidered covered notebooks from Oscar and Toots, along with our Artbox and Kate Bowles books, I think we can safely say we have a book for everyone.

But why buy a book when you can build one? Homeward Bound books have made Book in a Box – everything you need to make your own unique notebook, complete with recycled paper pages. A great easter holiday project for children and adults, available in a range of colours.

We hope all this will keep you busy for the month of April, but don’t forget this date for your May diary too. Our first exhibition this year, Close to Home, opens on May 19th, and features work by Janis Goodman, Elizabeth Price, Josie Beszant, Rosie Scott-Massie, Colin Smithson, Vic Sayers, Wendy Tate, Helen Peyton and Angie Rogers. Don’t miss it!

So enjoy the weather, and enjoy your chocolate eggs, and don’t forget to drop in to see us!

Romantic Ideas and Winter Warmers


Where has January gone? It’s February, and already it’s nearly half term. Thanks to everyone who braved the miserable weather last month and popped in to see us, thanks to you we had a great start to the year.

It’s very nearly the first important occasion of the year, Valentine’s Day, so for anyone whose stuck for romantic gift ideas, check out our suggestions below.

But for those of you who are more concerned about the wintery weather, check out our newest item…

This amazing felt hat was handmade by Scarborough based textile artist Jan Bee Brown. The hat is made from Masham wool, and can be paired with this beautiful matching handbag (with bone buttons).

Or if you fancy something a little less…large, we’ve got an even wider selection of Carole Minett hats in stock now,including my personal favourite, this tweed cap:

Valentine’s Day:

That time of year again – wether it’s just a nice little card you’re after, or something more substantial, here at The Gallery we are full of romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s day. From jewellery, to pewter photo frames, hand-painted ties to vases, we may be able to help you find the perfect little something, so why not pop in this week and see what we’ve got? Here are a few suggestions…

Wild Boar Cufflinks, Becky Crow

Gold rimmed vase, Janine Roper

  Pewter photo frames, Lancaster and Gibbings

Or if you fancy something a little different, our local creative hub ArtisOn are re-running their infamous Knicker Printing For Your Valentine course this Saturday, where printmaker Hester Cox will be helping to create original art works for loved ones using (clean) underwear! Check out the ArtisOn website for more info or to book a place.

Have a great February and keeping checking our Facebook page for more up-to-date news and exhibition details.

Summer in The Gallery


It’s been a funny few weeks here, one minute we’ve had pouring rain and forks of lightning, the next (like today), beautiful ice-cream-eating weather. This unpredictability fortunately hasn’t deterred visitors to Masham, and The Gallery is enjoying a busy Summer. We’re busy in the exhibition department as well this month, as our current exhibition Impression runs until mid-August, and our next show Trace opens at the end of the month. Our arms will be aching from all the hanging we have to do, but it’s exciting to have lots of changes and new artists on display.

Looking for something to do when it rains? Read on for a few creative ideas from us.


Our printmaking exhibition has been really well received, with lots of interested visitors asking questions about the unusual and complicated techniques involved in the work. There is less than a week of the show left, so if you haven’t had a chance to drop by yet, pencil it in for this weekend, else you may miss your chance to see some gorgeous work by Helen Peyton, and Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller (below), amongst others…


Once we have finished our Impression exhibition, we have about 10 days to get ready for the opening of our next show, Trace, which features even more artists new to The Gallery. Trace is a mixed media show, including everything from ceramics to collage to jewellery, and explores the meanings of the word ‘Trace’, from the point of view of six different contemporary artists;

Rosie Scott-Massie

Josie Beszant

Amanda Mercer

Charlotte Morrison

Angela Davies

Phiona Richards

The preview for Trace is on Friday, August the 26th, 7.30 – 9pm. Come on down for a glass of wine!

Summer Fun

At the moment we have a great selection of activity and craft kits in our toy room from Buttonbag and Flights of Fancy, ideal for occupying any bored little ones this summer holiday.

From top left: Flights of Fancy Pond Dipping kits, Buttonbag Elephant Sewing craft kit, Buttonbag Mouse House kit, Flights of Fancy ‘All About Bugs’ kit, Flights of Fancy Animal Prints Casting, Dice Games, and Portable Sun Dial mini kits, Buttonbag ‘3 Lucky Kittens’ sewing kit.

And for you…

Kate Bowles creates these amazing books by hand, and includes mixtures of recycled papers and fabrics in each one. So if you feel like doing a spot of writing or drawing this summer, do it in style!

Thats all from me, enjoy the summer holidays!


Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you, but it seems like an eternity since new year! Thankfully, March is nearly here, and here at The Gallery we have a few things to get excited about….

After a well-deserved post-Christmas break, our local creative hub ArtisOn opened it’s doors again on February 12th for a rather unusual workshop…Knicker Printing! This year the course programme is incredibly varied, and although some courses are full, there are still plenty of spaces left on a wide range of creative and exciting workshops. Check out the course programme here.

So what else is going on in March? Well, we are ecstatic to have finalised our exhibition schedule for 2011! This year for the first time we are holding two open exhibitions, so that we get the chance to see some exciting new work from artists who may not have worked with The Gallery before. have you can read more about this below.And we certainly have some things to look forward to  – one being the British Craft Trade Fair, one of the most important dates in any craft maker or craft gallery owner’s calendar.

It also allows new and emerging craft makers an oppurtunity to promote themselves to a huge number of potential suppliers. Every year a little team of us from The Gallery head over to theBCTF for a day to find exciting new suppliers and catch up with our existing ones.

Heres some of The Gallery’s suppliers that we originally discovered at the BCTF….

Becky Crow

Becky’s nature-inspired jewellery has been incredibly popular since we first ordered from her at the BCTF a few years ago. We love her animal designs in particular, including these pheasant cufflinks.

Virginia Graham

Virginia’s floral ceramics have been some of my absolute favourites for some years, and I’ve always looked forward to visiting her stand at the BCTF. Last year The Gallery started stocking a selection of this stunning and quirky kitchenware, and I never tire of looking at it!

Melanie Tomlinson

Melanie’s stand at the BCTF is particularly eye-catching, as she displays a dressmaker’s dummy completely covered with her tin insect and bird brooches! Our visitors and delighted and a little squeamish about these highly detailed and unique pieces of jewellery.

Tea and Sympathy – 27/5/11 – 27/6/11

For the last few months I’ve been mentioning The Gallery’s 2011 exhibition schedule, without giving much away. Well, I am pleased to our blog readers the first of four shows this year, Tea and Sympathy. This year’s North Yorkshire Open Studio‘s is following the theme of tea, so we thought we’d align our first show’s theme with theirs, especially since NYOS will be during our exhibition. Tea and sympathy is the first of 2 open exhibitions The Gallery is running this year, and we are currently accepting submissions to exhibit.

Call for artists – how to apply

If you are interested in applying, please send 4 images plus an artist’s statement and an idea of the type and size of work you would like to exhibit. We are looking for work that linked to the title, is presented to a high standard and is perhaps slightly quirky. All pieces must be for sale and retail for under £1000. Deadline for submissions is March 31st.

Please contact Josie or Rosie for more information;


We look forward to your entries – please mention our blog when you apply, it will make us smile!

Website of the Month

Katgotthecream– The blog of Kathryn Sharman

This month I have chosen a blog, which belongs to an attendee of my recent recycled jewellery workshop at ArtisOn. Kathryn Sharman is a creative enthusiast who writes about anything crafty and interesting. Take a look through this blog and you’ll find lots of inspiring ideas and finds. Enjoy!

That’s all from me for now – enjoy March, lets hope that’s the last of the snow!