About Masham Gallery’s blog

  Welcome to The Gallery’s blog site. The Gallery has been blogging since 2009, keeping you up to date with regular bursts of news, new suppliers, exhibition and event information and general chatter.

The Gallery has been running for nearly 20 years in Masham, North Yorkshire. We stock a wide range of lovely items, from fine art paintings and prints , beautiful ceramics and glass, contemporary jewellery, to high quality, fairly traded wooden toys.

The Gallery is run by Josie Beszant, who is also a professional artist. A number of The Gallery’s staff are professional artists too and our aim is to build excellent long-lasting relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. A number of our regularly exhibiting artists are locally based, including Hester Cox, Ian Scott Massie, Howard Charles, Charlotte Morrison, Rosie Scott-Massie and Colin Smithson. We also display work from artists all over the Uk and are always interested in viewing new work. If you are interested in supplying The Gallery, please contact Josie on…


To see more of what we have to offer, please visit our website


or visit us in Masham!


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