Masham Gallery Christmas Shopping Guide.3: Special gifts, up to £100

Christmas at Masham Gallery: Shopping guide 2014

Our gift guides this year are designed to take you through a huge range of items we have in the gallery, starting with the smaller ‘stocking fillers’ and little treats, and gradually working up to the all-out budget-blowers. In each installment we have carefully selected a range of things we think appeal to the widest range of people, but don’t forget this is still only a snapshot of what we have inside the gallery, so if you are still stuck for ideas you might want to pop in and see us.

Much of our stock is handmade, often by local makers around Yorkshire. Our toys are either British made or fairly traded, and we’re proud to offer a unique collection of durable and sustainable wooden toys instead of plastic ones. Each item on our gift guide list has details of its makers/origins, so you’ll know plenty about what you’re choosing.

In this edition we are looking at larger gifts of up to £100. So if you’re looking for something very special, maybe a piece of beautiful jewellery or a unique artwork, take a look at our recommendations below.

Christmas Shopping Guide 3: Extra Special Presents

Table lamps by A Northern Light and Hannah Nunn, from £46


These gorgeous lamps are ideal for any stylish and creative person. A Northern Light use hand-drawn designs as inspiration for their lamps (pictured), while Hannah Nunn uses papercutting techniques to create delicate lighting effects. Explore our full range in the gallery.

Necklaces by Helen Shere, from £60


Helen’s work is always popular, and takes inspiration from gardens and plants. Using mainly silver, Helen creates a miniature landscape within her tiny etched pendants.

Limited Edition Prints by Ian Scott Massie, from £39


Ian is an artist based in Masham, and often uses the local area as the subject matter for his work. We have an ever-changing collection of original paintings by Ian in the gallery, but for those on a slightly tighter budget we also have a lovely collection of limited edition prints, which are all available, framed or unframed, for under £100. Our newest print ‘Masham Winter’ is available framed for £79 (£49 unframed).

Castle and knights by Lanka Kade, £90


This fantastic natural wood castle comes complete with 12 brave knights to guard it. Made by fairtrade toy company Lanka Kade, this is a durable and really special present that will certainly stand the test of time.

Etched glass by Tamsin Abbott, from £80


Tamsin delicately etches panels of coloured glass with beautiful drawings inspired by nature and animals. The finished pieces work beautifully with light and make excellent window hangings. We are about to recieve a new delivery of Tamsin’s work, contact us if you would like more information. (pictured: detail from ‘Woodland Foxcubs’, currently in stock)

Bronze resin sculptures by Sophie Howard, from £60


Sophie works in bronze resin, which allows her to make limited edition, affordable sculptures with the qualities of pure bronze. Our collection of Sophies work includes figurative pieces and her collection of horse sculptures like this one, ‘Standing’.

Acorn Necklace by Elizabeth Terzza, £75


Elizabeth Terzza is one of our newest jewellery suppliers, and we love her contemporary take on natural design. Many of her pieces are inspired by acorns, pine cones and sycamore seeds, and start from £27 for earrings.

Original prints, from £35


We have prints from some excellent northern printmakers including Janis Goodman, Hester Cox and Joanne Bourne in our racks. Many unframed pieces are  under £100, including Pam Grimmond’s beautiful bird linocuts, £92.

Don’t forget we have our “behold” exhibition on at the moment too with some stunning work from printmakers Celia Hart and Susie Perring.

We have many more great gift ideas in the gallery, including ceramics, textiles, toys, paintings and prints. Visit us or our website to find out more.






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