Festive Shopping Guide 2: Mid-Range Gifts

Christmas at Masham Gallery: Shopping guide 2014

Our gift guides this year are designed to take you through a huge range of items we have in the gallery, starting with the smaller ‘stocking fillers’ and little treats, and gradually working up to the all-out budget-blowers. In each installment we have carefully selected a range of things we think appeal to the widest range of people, but don’t forget this is still only a snapshot of what we have inside the gallery, so if you are still stuck for ideas you might want to pop in and see us.

Much of our stock is handmade, often by local makers around Yorkshire. Our toys are either British made or fairly traded, and we’re proud to offer a unique collection of durable and sustainable wooden toys instead of plastic ones. Each item on our gift guide list has details of it’s makers/origins, so you’ll know plenty about what you’re choosing.

In the edition of our shopping guide we are focusing on mid-range gifts – anything from £12 to £50. So whether your budget per person is £15 or £50, we will have something beautiful, clever and lovingly made for you.

NOA jewellery, from £11


NOA create eyecatching necklaces, earrings and bracelets from silver, aluminium and ceramic tiles. Thier subtle design make them extremely popular with all ages, and they suit any budget.

Moo and Oink Music Box, £12


This lovely little box is one of our most popular children’s toys. Plays a classical tune while the two figures dance. Made by John Crane.

Masham Pint Glasses, £18


An exclusive Masham Gallery product; these glasses have been especially designed for us by Vinegar&Brown Paper. Perfect for a local beer drinker.

Alphabet Jigsaw, £18

LJ23 Dinosaur a-z jigsaw-800x800

Our educational and fun animal jigsaws come in a range of sizes and designs, but our definite favourite is the friendly dinosaur, available with either letter or number blocks.

Carole Minett Hats, from £21


Local maker Carole makes one-off, unique hats to suit all heads and seasons. A lovely gift for the chilly months.

Printed blocks by Fiona Wilson, from £14


Fiona hand prints, then paints these blocks before finishing them with thread. The result is a beautiful and quirky ornament that can be free standing or wall mounted.

Construction Toys, £25


One of the most popular ranges in our toy room, the construction vehicles are made from wood and rubber, and can be accommpanyied by workmen and accessories. Digger pictured.

Pewter picture frames, from £12


These elegant frames are just a little bit more special, and are available in a range of designs. Made by Lancaster&Gibbings.

Handmade ceramic jug £40


Dove St Pottery are based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. Maker David Worsley takes inspiration from Japanese design for his simple and striking homeware range, available in various subtle colours. The range also suits a small budget, with prices starting from £12.

The Paragon Pirate Ship, £45


This really is a great value present – the price includes ship, pirates and accessories, and it’s even easy to put together (honest!).


To the Stars necklace, £42


Claire Collinson uses text as the inspiration for her jewellery range, and even incorporates it into the design. Made with silver, paper and resin, and part of a wider range.

We have lots of other beautiful jewellery, ceramics, textiles, artwork and glass available in this price range, so don’t forget to pop in and see us!

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