Festive Shopping Guide 1: Stocking Fillers and Small Treats

Christmas at Masham Gallery: Shopping guide 2014

Our gift guides this year are designed to take you through a huge range of items we have in the gallery, starting with the smaller ‘stocking fillers’ and little treats, and gradually working up to the all-out budget-blowers. In each installment we have carefully selected a range of things we think appeal to the widest range of people, but don’t forget this is still only a snapshot of what we have inside the gallery, so if you are still stuck for ideas you might want to pop in and see us.

Much of our stock is handmade, often by local makers around Yorkshire. Our toys are either British made or fairly traded, and we’re proud to offer a unique collection of durable and sustainable wooden toys instead of plastic ones. Each item on our gift guide list has details of it’s makers/origins, so you’ll know plenty about what you’re choosing.


Stocking fillers and little things: Gifts under £10

From just £1.50 you can get locally handmade gifts from us! Read on for some inspiring little treats….

Ceramic Buttons, £1.30 each


Machine washable, these little buttons come in a huge range of designs and are perfect for slipping into an envelope. Handmade by Stockwell Ceramics.

Hand Magnet, £1.50


A tiny, quirky magnet, ideal for holding notes and photos on your fridge. Handmade by local artist Charlotte Morrison.

Tattoos and Nail Stickers, £3.50


Eyecatching and fun, these temporary body stickers are designed by illustrator Kate Broughton. Perfect for teenagers and rebels!

Butterfly bobbles, £2.50


These unique hairbands are made by fairly traded toy company Namaste.

Wooden Animals £1.95


We have a whole farm yard selection of these rubberwood animals, and you can start your collection for under £2. Made by Lanka Kade.

Hanging Heart £5.95


A pretty decoration for a window or wall, this heart is packaged flat so is perfect for posting. Made by Lush Designs, based in London.

Biscuit Brooches £8


These fun brooches and fridge magnets are carved from wood in to your favourite teatime treat. Custard Cream is our favourite! Made by Speckled Wood.

Recorder £7


The sound might take some practise, but these wooden recorders look beautiful at least! Available in a variety of colours, made by John Crane.

Masham Poster £6.95

poster label 2

For anyone who wants a very local gift, the Masham posters (available in 2 designs) are available exclusively at the gallery and are designed by Masham artist Ian Scott-Massie.

We also have purses, notebooks, pencils, craft kits and much more for under £10, so drop by and explore our full collection.

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