Masham Gallery Christmas Gift Guide #3

Masham Gallery’s Christmas Gift Guide 3; Creatives, individualists, dreamers and adventurers.

We can help find the perfect present for those who are hard to buy for, whether young or old, or somewhere in the middle. This week’s guide is for creatives, individualists, dreamers and adventurers. That person you know who has their head in the clouds, and their rucksack always packed…

Know your knots kit by Flights of Fancy £4.95

A pocket-sized kit containing everything an adventurer needs to know their knots! Educational a fun, an unusual stocking filler.

Notebooks £1.95 – £25

We have a notebook for all uses, whether it’s jotting down a quick idea or exploring your thoughts more deeply. For the traveling adventurer these recycled leather books by Artbox are perfect for slipping in your bag, and come in a wide range of colours.

Buttonbag Kits £10 – £12

For creative youngster we have exciting project for a rainy day in the form of a Buttonbag craft kit. Each kit contains all the materials you need to make anything from button jewellery, personalised medals, to something more festive like this family of cute felt penguins!

Lampshades by Lush Designs £24 – £100

These hand-printed lampshades depict illustrative adventures within a rolling landscape and are definitely the first choice for anyone with an imaginative sense of style. We love this ‘London’ shade.

Moon and Clouds necklace by Becky Crow £

Brighton based jeweler Becky Crow creates stunning precious metal jewellery inspired by wildlife, trees and the elements. This dreamy necklace is ideal for someone who wishes to take to the skies…

The Fabulous Nesting Hippo automaton £

A unique gift for someone with an adventurous sense of humour! Turn the handle and watch the tale of the Fabulous Nesting Hippo play out before your eyes. Created by automaton maker Neil Hardy.

Limited Edition print by Ian Scott Massie £39 and upwards

Masham based artist Ian Scott Massie captures the spirit of a place in his atmospheric and vibrant paintings and prints. A range of limited edition giclee prints, such as ‘Sun and Storm over Ullswater’ (pictured) are available from Masham Gallery, along with Ian’s original watercolours and screenprints.

Paragon Pirate Ship £45

This is one of our favourite toys and is amazing value. Perfect for any little adventurers, the easy to assemble wooden ship comes with pirates and accessories.

‘Sitting Pretty’ sculpture by Elizabeth Price £195

This thoughtful figure is handmade from delicate porcelain and is one of a kind. Sculptor Elizabeth Price uses people around her as inspiration behind her compelling figures, and captures human emotion and mannerisms perfectly. A very special gift for a thinker.

Happy shopping!

Masham Gallery


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