Summer Time

Hi there

We’ve been a little distant from our blog for a while, partly due to our continuing work on the new website, partly due to the busy summer season here in the gallery, and the preparation and launch of our current exhibition. So if you thought we’d vanished, fear not. We are here, and we have lots to catch up on….

A week ago we opened our summer exhibition Edge of the World, which takes it’s theme from the 1937 Michael Powell film of same name. We invited seven contemporary landscape artists to explore isolated, overlooked and untouched locations that have meaning for them, and as a result have a breath taking journey through moors, coastlines, ruins and more in our exhibition room. We enjoyed a fantastically bustling preview evening and have already seen a few sales, so please drop by soon if you fancy a look. Edge of the world will be on display until August the 31st, and features work by Ian Scott Massie, Pamela Knight, Heather Gatt, Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller, Gareth Buxton, Lesley birch and Winifred Hodge.

Here’s a little taster of the exhibition to tempt you:






Another reason to visit our new exhibition is to test out our latest foray into the technological age! QR codes are the little square barcode-type things cropping up all over advertising, posters and even food packaging at the moment, and can be used by smartphone owners to access websites and pages relating to whatever they are looking at. We decided that this is just what the gallery needs, so that our customers can get a more in depth, interactive experience when they visit us. So currently dotted around our exhibition room are several QR codes just waiting to be accessed, containing exciting info on the artists and their making techniques, plus more on the inspiration behind the exhibition. Just scan your smartphone over the code (using a free QR code app) to access. Or ask a member of staff to help you. Here’s one for practice, enjoy…


Lastly, we have lots of new exciting things in The Gallery right now – some from familiar makers, some from new suppliers. We have some beautiful new driftwood and metal sculpture from Richard Shaw, whose work we have enjoyed displaying here for many years. Check out this lovely nautical piece


For the more modest budget we have some charming and affordable ceramics from a new supplier, Dove pottery, based in Saltaire. We foresee this stuff being collectable, so visit us soon to set the trend!


Pop in over the summer, or check our facebook page to see more.



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