The Joys of Spring

Hi there,

Spring is certainly in the air here in Masham; the weather is beautiful, the flowers are out, and The Gallery is  full to bursting with new things!

As well as freshly replenished supplies from some of our already loved makers such as Simon Griffiths (owls), Lush Designs (lampshades) and Katie Almond (ceramics), we have some new pottery all the way from the Isle of Wight, and a few new notebook ranges to add to our ever-growing selection. Read on for more.

Spring Ceramics…

Fancy a tea party in the garden? If the mood takes you we have a lovely range of new ceramics in stock, including new pieces from Katie Almond and Charlotte Morrison..

And introducing Tregear pottery from the Isle of Wight. These pretty pieces first caught our eye at the British Craft Trade Fair last year, and we love the seaside-inspired colours and beachy designs.

Get creative…

Are you a literary genius? Me neither – but I’m sure with the perfect notebook in which to jot down my thoughts, I could be! And thanks to our new collections of artist-designed sketchbooks from St.Judes and hand-embroidered covered notebooks from Oscar and Toots, along with our Artbox and Kate Bowles books, I think we can safely say we have a book for everyone.

But why buy a book when you can build one? Homeward Bound books have made Book in a Box – everything you need to make your own unique notebook, complete with recycled paper pages. A great easter holiday project for children and adults, available in a range of colours.

We hope all this will keep you busy for the month of April, but don’t forget this date for your May diary too. Our first exhibition this year, Close to Home, opens on May 19th, and features work by Janis Goodman, Elizabeth Price, Josie Beszant, Rosie Scott-Massie, Colin Smithson, Vic Sayers, Wendy Tate, Helen Peyton and Angie Rogers. Don’t miss it!

So enjoy the weather, and enjoy your chocolate eggs, and don’t forget to drop in to see us!


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