All singing,all dancing,drawing,making,watching…..


Our Dreams and Fairytales, our autumn exhibition, opened last week and has been causing a lot of excitement amongst The Gallery’s visitors. The exhibition room has been transformed again and couldn’t look more different from the Trace exhibition in August/September. Everywhere you look there is something unusual, fun, or sometimes sinister. Here are a few snaps of the exhibition…

See what I mean? You really need to visit to get the full impact, but I’m sure you will be soon, as Masham Arts Festival opens today!

If you haven’t heard already, Masham Arts Festival is a bi-annual, week-long extravaganza packed with exhibitions, workshops, music and food, with a few crazy interactive sculptures thrown in for good measure. At this point every two years, the festival committee, made up entirely of volunteers, are dashing about putting the finishing touches to everything in time for the big opening tonight. As is the tradition, the festival opens with a preview of the open art exhibition in St.Mary’s Church on the market square at 6pm, showcasing a wide selection of contemporary artists from the area and beyond. The exhibition preview is accompanied by a performance from northern acapella group Voicequad, then at 8pm festivities move to the town hall, for a performance from acclaimed Harrogate-based band The Birdman Rallies (back by popular demand).

…acapella group Voicequad (above) and alternative voice-harmony band The Birdman Rallies (below)…

There are so many more things going on throughout the week, it would take a lot of blogging to tell you about them all, so why not visit the Masham ArtsFestival website, facebook or twitter, or better yet, just come on down tonight.


Have a great half term!


Our Dreams and Fairytales

This week we’ll be hanging our Autumn exhibition – Our Dreams and Fairytales. The exhibition features a group of artists working in a vast array of media, inspired by the title. We’ve been receiving the deliveries of work for the show this week, and are really excited and impressed by the different approaches to the theme. So before you start thinking that the exhibition will be all sweet and lovely, remember there is a dark side to fairytales too…..!

This year we’ve welcomed a lot of new work into The Gallery, and Our Dreams and Fairytales is no different. You may recognise Vic Sayers’ work (above) from our Tea and Sympathy show earlier this year, and Colin Smithson‘s paintings and prints (below) have been admired in the gallery for many years. Here are a few artists you will not have seen here before…

Carine Brosse – Ceramics and Sculpture.

Gillian Lee Smith – Textiles and Ceramics.

Fiona Wilson – Printmaking and Sculpture.

Anna Kopp – painting.

Clare Lindley – paper cutting.

Clare exhibited in The Gallery some years ago, so it is a pleasure to welcome her back.

Our Dreams and Fairytales opens on the 14th of October for one month. For more information and images, check out our Facebook page.

If you’re looking for more of a reason to visit Masham this month, here’s a big one. The Masham Arts Festival, a bi-annual week long event featuring creative workshops, music and art events all over town, is opening on friday the 21st for the half term week. There are different events taking place all day every day that week, so if you are planning a visit in the near future, take note!

For more information visit the Arts Festival Website

Have a great October!