Summer in The Gallery


It’s been a funny few weeks here, one minute we’ve had pouring rain and forks of lightning, the next (like today), beautiful ice-cream-eating weather. This unpredictability fortunately hasn’t deterred visitors to Masham, and The Gallery is enjoying a busy Summer. We’re busy in the exhibition department as well this month, as our current exhibition Impression runs until mid-August, and our next show Trace opens at the end of the month. Our arms will be aching from all the hanging we have to do, but it’s exciting to have lots of changes and new artists on display.

Looking for something to do when it rains? Read on for a few creative ideas from us.


Our printmaking exhibition has been really well received, with lots of interested visitors asking questions about the unusual and complicated techniques involved in the work. There is less than a week of the show left, so if you haven’t had a chance to drop by yet, pencil it in for this weekend, else you may miss your chance to see some gorgeous work by Helen Peyton, and Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller (below), amongst others…


Once we have finished our Impression exhibition, we have about 10 days to get ready for the opening of our next show, Trace, which features even more artists new to The Gallery. Trace is a mixed media show, including everything from ceramics to collage to jewellery, and explores the meanings of the word ‘Trace’, from the point of view of six different contemporary artists;

Rosie Scott-Massie

Josie Beszant

Amanda Mercer

Charlotte Morrison

Angela Davies

Phiona Richards

The preview for Trace is on Friday, August the 26th, 7.30 – 9pm. Come on down for a glass of wine!

Summer Fun

At the moment we have a great selection of activity and craft kits in our toy room from Buttonbag and Flights of Fancy, ideal for occupying any bored little ones this summer holiday.

From top left: Flights of Fancy Pond Dipping kits, Buttonbag Elephant Sewing craft kit, Buttonbag Mouse House kit, Flights of Fancy ‘All About Bugs’ kit, Flights of Fancy Animal Prints Casting, Dice Games, and Portable Sun Dial mini kits, Buttonbag ‘3 Lucky Kittens’ sewing kit.

And for you…

Kate Bowles creates these amazing books by hand, and includes mixtures of recycled papers and fabrics in each one. So if you feel like doing a spot of writing or drawing this summer, do it in style!

Thats all from me, enjoy the summer holidays!



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