North Yorkshire Open Studios

NYOS Update!

I hope you managed to get over to Masham this weekend to check out the Open Studios (more info below). If not, do not fear! Open Studios is open again next weekend for two days. But after that, it’s gone for another year, so cancel any plans you have for next friday and saturday, grab your NYOS guide and plan a route. And most importantly, don’t forget to visit Masham. Up at ArtisOn this weekend, locally-based artists Ian Scott-Massie, Josie Beszant and Charlotte Morrison have been chatting to visitors, displaying their work and demonstrating their artistic skills. To tempt you into visiting next weekend, here are a few snaps of the work on show…

Get down there before its too late. North Yorkshire Open Studios continues on the 18th and 19th of June, 10.30am – 5.30pm.

Please note: the rest of this blog entry was written before NYOS began, so some of it may sound a little out of date!










I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are currently enjoying the beautiful weather! Thinking of visiting Masham in the next few weeks? Want to know what’s going on in the area? Allow me to suggest something…

 North Yorkshire Open Studios is about to take place over the 2nd and 3rd weekends in June. Artists from all over the county open their doors and allow curious visitors to see them at work, and maybe even invest in an original work straight from it’s creator. Here in Masham we have 4 artists involved in the event, 3 of which have chosen to display their work, and give demonstrations, at our local creative arts venue, ArtisOn.

Here are the artists you can see during Open Studios…

Ian Scott Massie

Ian’s vibrant landscapes are on display in galleries around the country, but his principal outlet is The Gallery. His work often focuses on specific towns, cities and individual buildings around The Dales and the North. Previous themed exhibitions have included the buildings of York, Fountains Abbey, and the Lake District.

Josie Beszant

Josie uses old photographs as a starting point in much of  her work. Focusing on the anonymous people in these pictures, Josie uses collage techniques and a range of two and three-dimensional objects to suggest a hidden story, and create an identity.

Josie has exhibited her work in galleries and arts venues around Yorkshire and The North. She also owns and manages The Gallery.

Charlotte Morrison

Charlotte hand-builds her quirky decorative and functional objects from porcelain, and often embellishes them with unusual textures or hand painted designs. Historical events, and Victorian style is the main inspiration behind her work, and many of the textures found in her teacups, buttons and tealight-holders are created by pressing vintage objects such as keys and wall-paper into the soft clay.

Charlotte has been commissioned by NYOS to design a limited edition teacup specially for the open studios event. The commission was open to any artists in the area, and is based on the theme ‘Time for Tea’. Charlotte’s Custard Tart-inspired cup and saucer was the winning entry, and the cup is one sale at carious venues throughout the two week period, including The Gallery.

Charlotte, Ian and Josie are all displaying their work at ArtisOn during the open studios event.

Hester Cox

Hester has been involved with the open studios for the last few years, and invites visitors to her home in Masham, where her front room serves as a permanent studio. Hester designs limited edition collagraph and solarplate prints that are inspired by the natural landscape. The process involved in creating each print is lengthy and complex, and during the open studios event visitors will be able to see the tools involved and the various stages the print goes through before completion.

North Yorkshire Open Studios opens on Friday June 10th, and runs over the weekend. The studios are then open again for the following weekend (commencing June the 18th). On the evening of Friday the 10th, an evening preview will be held at ArtisOn, if you fancy popping along for a glass of wine. During this evening event ArtisOn will also be launching their second 2011 course schedule, and a 10% discount will be available to visitors who book a course on the night!

In fact, Masham is awash with arty events that evening, as Border House Teas on Masham market place is holding a book signing for local based renowned water-colourist Simon Palmer, who has released a retrospective book of paintings. Books will be available on the evening, and subsequently at The Gallery. So if you’re thinking of visiting Masham and The Dales in the next few weeks, you know when to come for a weekend of culture!


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