The season of LOVE…

Welcome to The Gallery’s February Blog! This month we are celebrating the season of LOVE. That’s right, it’s very nearly Valentine’s day (It’s the 14th, by the way…), and if you’re stuck for ideas for that ‘special someone’, we may be able to help. From creative cards to romantic jewellery and funky felt handbags, we have gift ideas both small and large. Take a look at our Valentine’s feature and Favourite Item further down the post.

January has been a good opportunity to get a well-earned rest, but we’re kicking off February with a good old spring clean to get us back into action. This week we’re giving our two main rooms an overdue lick of paint. Its a good chance for us to look at the space and reorganise the stock with ‘fresh eyes’. Its also a good excuse to drink lots of cups of tea and get covered in paint!

Love-inspired pressies…

In order to help you find the perfect little something this Valentine’s day, We’ve come up with a few romantic gift ideas….

Lush Designs Hanging Hearts, £5.95

If you’re looking for something little that can fit into an envelope, these beautiful wood and paper Hearts come flat, and hang prettily on a wall or window.

Love Bods £9.50

These funky little knitted bods are filled with lavendar and smell delicious!

Glover and Smith Jewellery

Lead-free pewter jewellery, which has the wow factor with out a scary price tag. Necklace £24.99, Cufflinks £25.50

And for something REALLY spectacular…

‘Touch’ by Elizabeth Price £270

This is my favourite sculpture in The Gallery at the moment, and would be a perfect romantic gesture…

Item of the month

Every month we’re going to pick an item from The Gallery (it could be anything!) and make it our ‘item of the month’ – we’ll tell you all about it and it’s creator(s). First up…

Silverclay earrings, by Jane Burnley

Jane is a fine artist and has supplied Te Gallery for a number of years with her vibrant landscape paintings. More recently she has turned her hand to silverclay – a claylike medium which combines tiny metal particles and an organic binder to make a mouldable material, perfect for jewellery making. Jane takes natural and found objects and uses their shapes to imprint texture into the silver clay. The pieces are then fired, making them as solid as a normal metal.

Jane is teaching a number of workshops on silverclay at ArtisOn this year, so if you fancy giving it a go, visit the ArtisOn website for more details.

Look out for…

Our ‘look out for’ section is all about the exciting crafty websites and blogs we find while perusing the web. Every month I’ll be telling you a little about what we’ve found…

Misterrob – Rob Ryan’s official website

Following on our Valentine’s theme, Rob Ryan is a paper cut artist who combines intricate and elaborate design with beautiful (and often romantic) words. Misterrob includes information about Rob’s work and background, as well as links to his shop. It’s Brilliant!

Thats all from us this month, have a a great month and don’t forget to share the love!



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