Its that time of year again…..

Hi everyone,

Yes indeed, it is October, the weather is getting chillier and a certain word is starting to appear everywhere…Christmas! Earlier and earlier every year we seem to see shops full of Christmas products, and it can be a bit much when you’ve only just got used to the summer holidays ending.

You’ll be pleased to hear that here at The Gallery we haven’t put the tinsel and advent calendars out yet, but we are busy finding fantastic present ideas for when you are ready to face Christmas shopping. Over the next few months I’ll be alerting you all to the great new items we have, and today I thought I’d start with our Button Bag Craft Kits for children.

Button Bag are a British company founded by Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks in 2005. Their beautiful craft kits contain everything you need to make something unique and funky, be it a flowery headband, a ladybird purse or even a mousehouse complete with handstitched mice. Each kit comes with all the things you need to complete your project, so you don’t need to worry about having glue or scissors handy to finish it off.

To get a closer look (and because it’s a good excuse to play with felt while at work), I gave one of these kits a go. As you can see from the pictures below, I made a flower headband, and could’ve made a bracelet and necklace to accompany it. My kit had plenty of ready-cut felt flowers in it, a generous amount of ribbon, and even a couple of big plastic needles for safer threading.

Each kit costs between £8 and £12, and is perfect for occupying creative little ones.

They would even make great Christmas presents….just a thought…!


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