Something for a rainy day …

I don’t think you can beat a bank holiday weekend, whether you have sunshine or rain, it’s a free day for most people. Here at The Gallery we are mid-way through our current exhibition, Roofs and Branches by Janis Goodman. The show has been going brilliantly so far and has been well received by so many visitors (just take a look at our exhibition book when you pop in!). Roofs and Branches runs until June 21st, so you still have plenty of time to pop in and see it. If you can’t drop by but would like to see the show, why not visit our website by clicking on the image below – we have all the pictures from the exhibition online for you to peruse at your leisure – we just think of everything! 😉

As well as our first online exhibition, The Gallery has now published our first book. Roofs and Branches accompanies Janis Goodman’s exhibition, and as well as featuring the complete collection of work from the show, Janis explains the inspiration behind the much of the work and describes the techniques and care that is involved in producing her intricately detailed etchings.

The exhibition book is £15 and can be viewed at and ordered from The Gallery. I must say it’s an excellent read! The idea of creating a book for the exhibition came from one of our regular exhibitors Ian Scott Massie, who has produced accompanying books for many of his recent shows. His current exhibition, From William’s Words, inspired by the work of William Wordsworth and on display at Rydal Mount (Wordsworth’s final home), also has an accompanying book. Josie (The Gallery’s creator) has also produced a book for her solo show, Lost and Found, which is currently on display at Farfield Mill, Sedburgh. We will be producing books for our other solo exhibitions this year, and all the aformentioned books are available to order from us. Theres enough to fill your bookshelves! Click on the images below for more info.

At least with all this reading material we’ll all have something to occupy us on these rainy days! Have a lovely June!