Winter at The Gallery

Happy New Year!

It’s been a quiet few weeks at The Gallery, what with the snow and all, so we’ve been concentrating on planning our year’s exhibitions and of course the blog!

This year we at The Gallery have decided to do something a bit special with our blogs. Instead of just telling you about everything thats going on with us we’d like to show you a little of what makes us tick.

Every artist takes inspiration from somewhere, often from other artists. This year we’ve made a list of some of our favourite artists and artworks and every so every so often we’ll be dedicating our blog space to these fine people and their work. But wait, theres more.. not only will we be telling you a little about our favourite artists, but we will be producing a special Make –-At – Home blog where we’ll be giving insight into some of the artistic skills and techniques that we love. Sound good?

We’ve also been putting the finished touches to our exhibition schedule for this year. An exciting year it will be! For more information, keep watching the blogs and visitng the website, but for now here is the official exhibition guide for 2010.

19/03/10 – 16/04/10

Far from the Madding crowd

An exhibition of work from Northern artists, inspired by the title.

Including work by Rosie Scott Massie, Rachel Stainsby, Josie Beszant, Mary Farnell and John Degnan.

14/05/10 – 21/06/10

Roofs and Branches

Janis Goodman

Janis Goodman’s pictures journey through landscapes, exploring the extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary and everyday.As well as her subtle blue/black monochrome etchings, this exhibition includes some rare colour originals.

06/08/10 – 03/09/10


Ian Scott Massie

A collection of work by which draws upon the experiences of two important journeys.

The exhibition is inspired by the concept of Schubert’s Winterreise

10/09/10 – 3/10/10

Celebrating Hackfall

An exhibition of contemporary and historic works celebrating the magical gothic follies and woodland at Hackfall. In support of the Woodland Trust and The Hackfall Trust.

19/11/10 – 31/12/10


Hester Cox

An exhibition of collagraph, solar plate and monotype prints by Hester Cox.

Hester’s previous solo show in 2006, ‘Journeys’, was work inspired by her experiences overseas. In this follow-up exhibition, Hester explores what Britain means to her and why she will always call it ‘Home’.

Keep watching the blogs for more exciting updates – as we are making quite a few changes the blogs may be at slightly different times then expected, but don’t forget you can read all the previous blogs in the archive!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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