Autumn is definitely here – we had gale force winds here yesterday and Masham is littered with piles of leaves and the odd broken tree branch.  As always the Gallery is an ocean of calm – particularly in one of our windows where we have a beautiful display of delicate and intricately patterned lampshades by Lush designs. The shades are made from hand-printed paper designed by Maria Livings and are available in a range of sizes, colours and designs.


To accompany the lampshades we have these lovely hanging wooden birds (also by Lush designs). These come flat packed and are easy as pie to put together – they look great in windows or hung from your Lush lampshade!


We’re tapping into the vintage trend this season with some new jewellery. Lost and Found necklaces are made mostly from recycled jewellery and other intriguing objects (look closely and you may find some hand-cast resin with tiny treasures encased inside). Each piece is hand-made and completely unique – prices start at around £20.


Forget the ocean of calm, now that I think about it there’s loads going on! Don’t forget the two most exciting events this October – the start of our next exhibition, ‘Still’, is just around the corner. For more information visit our site or check out September’s blog.

happy day

If that wasn’t good enough, this month sees the long-awaited arrival of the Masham Arts Festival 2009. From the 23rd to the 31st of this month Masham will be overrun with fun, frolics, music and lots of creativity. There are simply far too many amazing events packed into the week so check out the Festival’s website and don’t forget to book for the events you like – tickets are selling fast!


That’s all from me, have a great October and a happy Halloween.

For Masham Arts Festival info:


For us!



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