Make – At – Home Project 1: Funky Flower Brooch

Welcome to The Gallery’s new Make-At-Home section where we will be igniting your creativity with a series of exciting craft activities. Follow the simple steps and you’re your very own unique craft items.


This quirky and eye-catching brooch is incredibly simple to make, and is a great way of using up any old bits of fabric, ribbons, buttons, beads or sequins you have lying around (as we all have these lying around I’m sure). You have free reign to decide the size, shape and colour of your creation   – to demonstrate I’m using blue and yellow felt (pansy – inspired) with matching buttons.

You will need:


At least 3 pieces of fabric (you may need more if the fabric you’re using is particularly thin) for the main part of your brooch (and a tiny amount for the backing).


Buttons, beads or sequins of your choice for the added decoration.

A brooch back (easy to come by in craft shops, on ebay or off your old brooches)

Or, if no brooch back is to be found, a medium sized safety pin is a decent substitute.


A needle and thread, or for the super speedy approach, super glue.




Your three pieces of fabric will be layered on top of one another – decide which you would like on the bottom/middle/top. Cut each piece of fabric into a simple flower shape. The bottom piece needs to be the largest, the top piece needs to be the smallest, and the middle needs to be…well, somewhere in the middle.


Arrange your fabric pieces on top of one another like so:



Grab a handful of your buttons/beads and arrange them on your fabric flower. To attach, sew the buttons through all the pieces of fabric so that they become attached together. *


*If you are using super glue only you will need to attach each layer of fabric together with a blob of glue in the centre of each piece.


Turn your flower over – there will be a tangle of crossed threads on the back. To cover this unsightly mess, cut a circular piece of fabric and attach with super glue.

If you have a brooch back, attach to your brooch with super glue. If, like me, you are using a safety pin, cut a small rectangle of fabric, thread through your safety pin and super glue to your brooch. Make sure the opening side of the safety pin is facing up!


And VOILA! Your very own unique flower brooch! Attach to anything you like (we’ve used one of The Gallery’s lovely bags to demonstrate).


Remember to check out the website regularly for more Make – At – Home ideas.

For fun art and craft workshops check out Masham Arts Festival 23rd – 31st October 2009.


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