Stunning gifts for under £10

Here at Masham Gallery we understand that things are a little stretched in the money department this year, but that everyone still wants to find perfect gifts for friends and family.We always try to cater for a range of budgets, and for the last few months have paid particular attention to seeking out unusual and desirable  gifts that don’t empty the piggy bank. This summer we can proudly showcase a vast collection of items (to suit all tastes!) for under £10. From hand-covered note books, cute lavender bods, embroidered badges and mirrors, to felt flowers, button-stud earrings and pewter spoons. We’ve even put together a few ideas here to show you the lovely things you can get while still having change from your tenner, so you can enjoy the summer sun knowing that all the birthdays are covered! To see more of our £10-and-lower range of items, pop in over summer, visit the website ( , or give us a call on 01765689554.

Gift Ideas for £10 or less!


Embroidered notebook and felt flower pen. Total: £6



Dee Barnes bead earrings and felt flower. Total: £10



Embroidered badge and Lavender bag (made from silk and vintage fabrics). Total: £8



Lavender Bod and three felt flowers. Total: £7



Felt flower and embroidered mirror (Inspired by Alice in Wonderland).Total: £9.50



Lavender Bod and embroidered lavender bag. Total: £8.



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